On a recent morning, I woke up to 55 unread emails—and just a few of them from family and friends. The rest was unsolicited mail from strangers or publicists.

My inbox had been overrun by hordes of email marketers hoping to catch a second of my attention.

LinkedIn wanted me to endorse a few former colleagues; a music promoter suggested I check out a new track; oh, and from LivingSocial: did I want a discount on a massage?

I’ve been subscribed—both willingly and unwillingly—to hundreds of various newsletters over the past few years. And having a public email address, as I do, has its benefits. People can get in touch with me for all kinds of reasons. The downside, of course, is also that people can get in touch with me for all kinds of reasons.

And that’s where Unroll.me comes in.

Launched in a beta form by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald—both 23—in early 2012, it was remade “from the ground up” just last month. The newest version, Hedaya tells Newsweek, will “totally revolutionize email.”

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