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There's more indication that Christine McVie is returning to Fleetwood Mac. 

According to the fan site, Mick Fleetwood gave confirmation over the weekend that the singer-keyboardist was back in the fold.  Performing at Uncle Willie K's BBQ Blues Fest in Maui Saturday, the drummer reportedly told the crowd, "This is the worst kept secret there is, but Christine McVie will be rejoining Fleetwood Mac." 

However, Fleetwood Mac hasn't officially announced that Christine is once again in the group.  She left the band in 1998. 

Questions about Christine's return cropped up throughout 2013.  While at the start of the year she said she had no desire to rejoin the group, her position softened over time. 

In September she sat in on two of Fleetwood Mac's London concerts to perform "Don't Stop."  Afterward, she said the shows reminded her of how much she enjoyed being in the band, and that she wanted to return. 

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