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The Doors' John Densmore says he wouldn't rule out reteaming with his old bandmates.  The drummer tells "Rolling Stone" the issues that kept them estranged for much of the past decade are now behind them, and he's rekindled a relationship with both Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek. 

He adds that he'd even be willing to "get together for a one-off if there's a good reason."  But John isn't interested in simply cashing in, saying it would "have to be for charity, not money." 

Densmore explains that their disputes in recent years, which were eventually resolved in court, were simply his efforts to maintain The Doors' integrity and authenticity.  He says he has no problem with Ray and Robby - or anyone else - performing Doors music as long as they aren't claiming to be The Doors and they aren't using the songs for advertising purposes. 

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