Yesterday, courtesy of, we shared the meanings behind 11 very cryptic song lyrics. Today, we continue the classic rock education with ten more.

It's one of the best known rock tunes of all time, and one of Aerosmith's signature songs. But when they sing, “Tellin' other things, but your girlfriend lied; Can't catch me cause the rabbit done died”...are they talking about a pregnancy test? Read below.


Until home pregnancy tests became commonplace, a woman had to make an appointment with a doctor to determine whether or not she was with child. The standard method was the so-called “rabbit test,” which involved the doctor injecting the patient’s urine into the ovaries of a female rabbit and then waiting 48 hours or more for the telltale changes which signaled the presence of the hCG hormone. Of course, the phrase “the rabbit died” itself was a misnomer because, regardless of the outcome, the bunny was already deceased prior to its ovaries being removed for testing purposes. But the phrase was commonly used, and it worked lyrically in this case to indicate that just because Girlfriend was in a family way, Boyfriend could not automatically assume that Steven Tyler was the father.

For the record, no rabbits were harmed in the recording of Sweet Emotion, which should please the animal rights folks.

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