How many friends do you have? If you answered 237, then you assumed I meant how many Facebook friends, not REAL friends. I have 421 Facebook  friends and don't even really know half of them. Many are old high school classmates, friends of real friends, and friends of my wife (who doesn't have a Facebook girl).

The one good thing that has come of this government shutdown is it has exposed a few, uber-political far left (and right) opinionated know-it-alls. They would be #14 on the list, "21 Really Annoying Facebook Friends We All Have". And I have blocked those people from showing up on my feed in the future. I just don't need that in my life, even on that small scale.

I stumbled across the article (mentioned above) today and it has me laughing and nodding the whole time. Some examples?

The Shockingly Gullible Friend-These people are slowly but surely ruining Facebook for everbody else. Did you know that Facebook is about to charge a thousand dollars per year to use it? They do, and they'll make sure you know it too. If you don't have somebody who falls for these chain mail gags on your friends list, consider yourself lucky.

The World Traveler Friend-Everybody knows somebody with a travel bug. These people seem to be on constant vacation mode. They even take vacations from their vacations. You always know where these friends are because they post play-by-play updates on their journeys, often times down to the wonderful feeling of the sand between their toes.

The Everything I Eat Or Drink Is Epic Friend-Seriously, these friends are convinced that absolutely everything they eat or drink is epic. You can scroll through their entire Facebook timeline day-by-day to confirm this fact.

That's only three, and you know who they are. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OTHER 18.