Congratulations to our friends at BearWaters Brewing Company in Waynesville, as they were awarded two gold medals at the US Open Beer Championship held in Atlanta, GA.

Kevin Sandefur and his team are not only incredibly talented, but also some of the nicest folks you will ever come across. I highly suggest you make a trip to their brewery in in Waynesville, which continues to grow!

photo credit:BearWaters

BearWaters entered only two styles of beer: the Sliding Rock Ale and the Minorcan Porter. They both took home gold; the Sliding Rock Ale in the English Mild Ale Category, and the Minorcan Porter in the Specialty/Anything Goes Category.

I will personally vouch for both of those beers (if the gold medals weren't enough for you) . The Minorcan Porter is one of my favorties! Wow!

Congratulations to Kevin and company!