Much is being made about KISS announcing that the original lineup of the band will not be performing at this year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony, as they are finally inducted.

But they are no means the first artists to snub the Hall, and they won't be the last. Let us count the ways.

Guns n' Roses - Axl Rose refused to attend their 2012 induction, and requested that he "not be inducted in absentia."

Creedence Clearwater Revival - 1993 - John Fogerty was cordial to former bandmates Stu Cook and Doug "Cosmo" Clifford during his acceptance speech, but then refused to have them perform with him.

Sex Pistols - 2006 - None of the members showed up.

Blondie - 2006 - Deborah Harry refused to let former guitarist Frank Infante and bassist Nigel Harrison perform with the band, despite Infante's pleas at the podium.

The Supremes - 1988 - Diana Ross was a no-show. The Beatles - 1988 - Paul McCartney was a no-show as he was not on the best of terms with the rest of the band over some business issues.

Grateful Dead - 1994 - Jerry Garcia was a no-show, but the rest of the Dead, all decked out in tuxedos, brought up a life-size cardboard cut-out of their leader. And ironically, every member of the Dead was inducted, which is what Paul Stanley wants to see happen with KISS.

The Band - 1994 - Levon Helm was a no-show, leaving Rick Danko, Robbie Robertson and Garth Hudson to play with the house band and special guest Eric Clapton, who inducted them.

Van Morrison - 1993 - A no-show.

Van Halen - 2007 - With Eddie Van Halen in rehab, Alex Van Halen opted not to attend, as did David Lee Roth, leaving Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar as the lone members.

Pink Floyd - 1996 - Roger Waters was a no-show as he was still on the outs with the rest of the band.

Black Sabbath - 2006 - All four members attended, but they refused to perform.