I've had a pretty eventful year, and it's not even halfway over! Let's see...I played basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters, golfed against LPGA pro, Demi Runas (and almost won!), and now, I got to play with wolf pups!

The newest additions to the WNC Nature Center are two wolf pups, brother and sister, about 8 weeks old. They'll soon be on display for all to see, but I was lucky enough to get some private "play time" with them! And it was just as cool as you would imagine.

They don't have names yet, but I'm calling them Jake and Maggie (as in, the famous brother-sister Gyllenhaal's). The Nature Center staff will get the naming honors, to be announced in about a month.

Click the pic above for a full gallery! Hooooooowwwwwl!

And for the "wolf point of view", check this out (below)! Wolf pup + Go-Pro camera!