Well, it's only temporary (while they build their new, permanent location a few hundred yards away), but Catawba Brewing is now open in Historic Biltmore Village, off Sweeten Creek Road.

Founder Billy Pyatt invited Asheville's beer movers and shakers to a grand opening preview of their (temporary) brewery/tasting room on Thursday. Click the pic below for a full gallery.

What's the master plan? Well, Plan A was to retrofit an existing building at 2 Fairview Rd., something that was initially approved by the City of Asheville, and then later denied, after some work had been done. So Billy and the boys went to Plan B...building a brand new two-story building from the ground up at the same location. You can see a complete layout of the plans on the wall of the Biltmore Village location.

Read all about it when you stop by for a pint! Easy to find, in Historic Biltmore Village across from FIG Bistro.