Dear Diary, why do the Buffalo Bills torture me so?

Even the predictable, annual, disappointment that is the Buffalo Bills couldn't ruin day 2 of our beach vacaction. We had a gameplan. Start the day at Calder's Buffalo Pub, eat some wings, and watch the first half of Patriots/Bills...then leave at halftime with Buffalo down by 30. 

The Bills ruined that plan by not getting blown out. So we called an audible and decided to watch the second half at Dunleavy's Pub, one of our favorite haunts. Of course, we were outnumbered by Patsies fans, but that's OK. We lingered there long after the inevitable Bills late-game fade, and loss. Even that didn't damper our spirits for long. There's just such a great vibe, there. They really make you feel welcome. We ordered food, negating the need to go somewhere for dinner later, which was good, as always.

Back to the condo for a quick shower and change of clothes (88 degrees, here, on Sunday), with enough time to walk out onto the pier to catch the sunset.

Then, up to the Coconut Joe's rooftop bar for a few drinks and some reggae. Day 2 in the books, and it was a good one. Coulda been great, if only the Bills had...sigh...oh well.