Asheville's Wicked Weed Brewing has come a long way in a short period of time. Less than two years ago, while they were still under construction, we toured their future brewery for a Behind-The-Tap video (our first), which you can watch by CLICKING HERE.

We were still Rock 104.9 and they had yet to pour their first beer. That was the fall of 2012. Fast-forward to (almost) fall of 2014, and they're making beer with bassist Cliff Williams of AC/DC! (Click below to see all the photos!)

Cliff was in town a little while back to help brew a specialty release, Chinook Me All Night Long, a single hopped amber ale made with Chinook hops. It is going to be a big, hoppy, red ale, coming in around 8% ABV.

Cliff Williams is returning to Asheville to tap the beer at Wicked Weed, Friday night at 6pm. Befitting the rockin' occasion, the River Rats will be playing from 6-9. It will be a pretty informal party but people will have the opportunity to come talk to Cliff while he is hanging out at the pub.

So, head on down for a pint of Chinook Me All Night Long! (see what they did, there?)