Born in the Buffalo suburbs, I'm a die-hard Bills fans. Through good times and bad (mostly bad THIS century), I've stuck with them and always will. I have the NFL Sunday ticket and haven't missed a game in 30 years. On game day, the flag flies high. I even met my wife (long story) because of the Buffalo Bills.

I'm sure every fan base thinks they're the most loyal, except Jacksonville. But whose fans really are?

According to a study from Emory University’s Sports Marketing Analytics program in Atlanta, the Dallas Cowboys have the most “loyal and supportive” fanbases in the NFL.

It doesn't say what kind of research or number crunching helped compile the list, but here it is.

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. New England Patriots
  3. New York Jets
  4. New Orleans Saints
  5. New York Giants
  6. Indianapolis Colts
  7. Chicago Bears
  8. Baltimore Ravens
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers
  10. Tennessee Titans
  11. San Diego Chargers
  12. Denver Broncos
  13. Washington Redskins
  14. Green Bay Packers
  15. Carolina Panthers
  16. Houston Texans
  17. Philadelphia Eagles
  18. Minnesota Vikings
  19. Cincinnati Bengals
  20. Cleveland Browns
  21. Kansas City Chiefs
  22. St. Louis Rams
  23. Seattle Seahawks
  24. Buffalo Bills
  25. Miami Dolphins
  26. San Francisco 49ers
  27. Jacksonville Jaguars
  28. Detroit Lions
  29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  30. Arizona Cardinals
  31. Atlanta Falcons
  32. Oakland Raiders

I have to call BS. The Carolina Panthers have the 15th most loyal fans? Seriously? Have you ever been to a home game in Charlotte? The opposing fans outnumber Panther fans 2-to-1. Chargers fans ahead of Green Bay? C'mon man!