This is the first (and hopefully last) time that I use Cosmo as a reference in one of these entries. But it piqued my curiosity. From a recent feature titled 13 Signs A Guy Is Shady...

Cosmo, in an effort to compile a list of red flags for shady guys, asked its readers to finish the sentence "Never trust a guy who ... " Here are some of the best responses:

Never trust a guy who ...

Winks more than he smiles

Can't go to the bathroom without taking his cell phone with him

Says all of his exes are "crazy"(although it's quite possible)

Gets frequent late night phone calls – and he isn't an on-call doctor

Won't introduce you to his friends or family

Doesn't like pizza or beer (what the?)

Goes to a strip club for lunch

Doesn't take you out in public (really? you need an article to tell you that this is shady?)