Some background info on me; I generally refuse to discuss (or even be in the presence of a discussion) relating to feminine hygiene. I have told my wife, in no uncertain terms, that I will never purchase her anything relating to blood flow, except band-aids. I even avoid that lane in the grocery store.

That being said, the latest ad from Hello Flo, a tampon subscription service, is some of the funniest stuff recently seen on the internet.

Some background on THEM. They had a major viral hit on their hands last year with "The Camp Gyno", a long-form spot about a pre-teen girl who becomes a product-and advice-dispensing despot at summer camp after becoming the first girl to get her period. Watch that one, first (below).

Relatively amusing, right? Well, the latest installment is better by tenfold. I'm talking laugh out loud. See for yourself.

By the way, if my wife is reading this...sorry, I'm still not buying this stuff for you. You're on your own.