Fellow (incredibly jealous) beer-loving friends that live out of town ask me to describe Asheville Beer Week. I say, "imagine Philadelphia doing a cheese steak week or Chicago doing a deep dish pizza week, but better, because this is beer we're talking about".


Asheville has more breweries per capita than anywhere in the United States. But it's more than that. We have a beer community, in the best sense of the word. Those that make collaborate with others that make. Those that enjoy are the beneficiaries. And everyone treats each other like a long lost friend every time they meet.

So when it comes time to celebrate, 7 days isn't enough to contain OUR beer week. And it culminated with the Beer City Festival on Saturday, a gathering of brewers and drinkers that should really be called "Beer LOVE Fest".

Click the pic below for a gallery. All photographs taken by yours truly.

The weather was perfect, and the beer was delicious and plentiful. It really was a microcosm of the week, which all went about as smoothly as you could imagine (like a perfectly balanced stout). There's a good reason things run so well. It's because there's some folks working really hard behind the scene that ensure it. Folks like Mike Rangel, Simone Seitz, Jimi Rentz, Anne Fitten Glenn, and others. Job well done!

I'd also like to thank the brewers that joined us in the studio this year; Joe and Amber from Nantahala, Steph from Twin Leaf, John from Green Man, Leah and Grant from Highland, Sean from Asheville Growler, and Adam and Chris from Hi-Wire. Thanks!

You can still see the videos we shot during Beer Week in our TAP ROOM. Cheers!