It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, so … why not use it as an excuse to get drunk?

Courtesy of the good folks at BroBible, here's a Shark Week drinking game to get you on your way:

Drink every time you hear an Australian, South African, or British accent.

Drink every time someone mentions punching a shark in the nose or eye to stop an attack.

Drink every time the camera shows a surfboard or person underwater in the same frame as a shark. Also drink if they show you a chewed-up surfboard.

Drink every time you see a diver in a cage.

Drink every time a person mentions chum.

Drink every time a Facebook friend posts a #sharkweek status on Facebook or Twitter.

Drink every time the show references a new type of shark. If the shark does not attack humans (nurse shark) drink three times.

Drink every time a person is declared a "shark expert."

Drink every time someone mentions “Jaws” or if the “Jaws” theme music plays. If a shark attacks an animal, drink until the animal dies or escapes. If the animal is a seal, finish your drink.