First...congratulations to our Motley Crue contest winners, chosen randomly from the many, many entries. Trena Silver, Jeff Harris, Tammy Williams and Katie Craig. 

Each get 2 tickets to the Motley Crue Farewell Tour, with Alice Cooper, in Greenville, and a CD from the Crue catalog.

We received SO MANY awesome "Motley Memories", I wanted to share some with you. Thanks to all for taking the time to share. Here's some of them. Rock on!

Richie Mashburn Watching the TV program,VH1 behind the music, about 10 years ago. And listening to Vince talk about at intermission time at their concerts how they would take their groupie women down under stage and have sex with several women at one time. And how he talked about doing all the drugs, drinking all the alcohol and fu**ing all the women. He says, we were just out of fu**ing control for months. But he said in the interview, we never missed a beat and played the best fu**ing Rock we've ever played. And they had great footage of some on their best never before seen concerts on this TV PROGRAM. I love their music and have been a Motley Crüe fan for yeeeaaaars.

Robert Hughes Growing up I was a big KISS fan. My 1st concert was KISS and thought no one could top them live. My brother got us tickets to see the Crue in Asheville on the Dr. Feelgood tour and I kept telling him they wouldn't come close to touching what KISS was like live but by this time KISS had lost the make up and well the whole show. Anyways I was shocked when I saw Motley take the stage. Tommy Lee blew me away doing a drum solo over the crowd zip roped to the stage. They had all the pyro and excitement that KISS had lost. I was a huge fan since. Sadly I haven't been back to see the Crue because of scheduling and the fact that they don't come that close to asheville anymore when they tour. So this would be awesome to get to see them one last time before they bring the curtain down.

Melissa Peel Being a teenager and getting my license, the first time I drove, cruising, was to Motley Crue (on cassette) blaring down the strip!!!

Tony Cinquemani Meeting Nikki Sixx backstage in Charlotte thanks to the now Infamous ROCK104.9...may she rest in peace...Thank you Lord for making their signal better so we can Rock to the CRUE!!! Go 105.1

Jeff Hoyle When they were into the fights with Guns and Roses. Epic LOL

Pam Bechinski Home Sweet Home is my favorite! My Husband and I went through tough times in the beginning of our relationship. Too many flights home for very dyeing Parents. We listened to that song to remind us of coming home. Great memories now.

Brent Smith Me & my bro were at Crue & Quiet Riot and this chick talks me into letting her get on my shoulders for the show, we made it almost to the front! Somebody kept giving me free Vodka all night and me and that chick got really fried! john brinkley I worked the concert they played in Asheville at the civic center and they let me go on stage and hand nixxi six one of his guitars. It was the most awesome thing I have ever done. I will always remember it.

Chris Laney I got to see them perform here in Asheville to the Dr. Feelgood album and Tommy Lee had the cool twirling drum set that was suspended above the crowd, awesome concert one of the best I have ever saw.

Heather Shore Camping at Lake Camanchi with friends & family back in high school, 1986ish. We tanned, waterskied & jammed to the Crue all weekend long. :)

Trena Silver In 2008, I ran into an old friend who had an extra ticket to see The Crue in Charlotte, NC. After the show we continued to see each other and are now married with twin daughters. <3

Sandi Pinkerton One whole wall in my room was plastered with posters of them...I'm 40 something now...and I still listen to them...

Laura Rogers Went to see them March 30th on my 25th Birthday in Asheville, NC. This March I turn 50. Lol....

Richard Ehrhart Hopefully winning these tickets Jill Baer My little brother acting like one of the band members!!

David Anderson Crue, Alice fan. Doing donuts in the High School parking lot after a snow storm during teacher strike singing Schools Out for Strikers!

SHERRY PADGETT Reminds me of my high school days...running young, wild and free! lol

KELLY WRIGHT Home Sweet Home played at my wedding reception Renee Walker Home Sweet Home - I was 15 & it was playing on the DJ's record for the skating rink in my hometown. Good Times & Good Memories of my Home Sweet Home.

Matthew Mims Seeing them film home sweet home video in flint MI at the IMA

Cassandra Jamerson I havent ever gotten the opportunity to see the Crue live in concert. Kick start my heart will always be the song that gets me going!

Ann Ross as a teenager when I was having a bad day I would go to my room and turn it up

Rich King I first heard shout at the devil when I got my drivers license driving down the road for the first time by myself. Bought the cassette that day... Still love listening to them!

Rusty Williams The Crue is my all time favorite band. I even named my daughter after Nikki, her name is Hunter Sixx Williams. My favorite memory was being able to take her to see her first Crue concert when they played Greenville a few years back.

Amy Forga I had loved them from high school...and 25 years later when I went through my divorce, I went and bought the entire collection and played it loudly everywhere I went. The Crüe got me through it all!!

Bryan Blasco My favorite crue memory is the first time I heard shout at the devil. I was blown away by the guitars, the chorus and the rebelliousness. I have been a huge cure fan ever since

Jenny Bean I saw Motley Crue at WCU when i was in college there in 1978. It was an awesome concert and i remember my roommate left & went with them to their next stop!!!

Katie Craig My favorite memory is easily taking my teenage daughter to see Crue and KISS together, almost front row and she was TOTALLY blown away by the show! We had the best time!

Michael Wilson When they came to Asheville during the Dr.Feelgood concert and I got to see Tommy Lee do his drum solo.

Richard Stone Tommy Lee hooking up with Pam Anderson ha!

Tammy Williams Catching Tommy Lee\'s beer at the end of his first 90 degree angle drum solo on the Theatre of Pain tour.


Jeff Harris I can remember the first song I heard from Motley Crue, Live Wire, it was something in that tune that had me hooked from that moment on. The first Crue concert was at Hampton Coliseum Girls, Girls, Girls. One of the best concerts I have ever seen. Then I was at three of the Dr. Feelgood concerts, these guys are like a fine wine they get better with age. I can remember Tommy Lee, at every concert doing those wild drum solo's going over the crowds. Playing drums hanging upside down, and asking someone in the crowd to come and strap in beside him as he played the drums going in circles and going over the crowd. No Band that I can think of can match these four guys. Now that I AM 46, and being treated for MS the last 9 years, I might not be able to keep up like I use to but I still feel that Motley Crue will leave the Rock an Roll world a level of music that is very hard to match. The 80's hair bands have started to disappear slowly, but Motley Crue are still the BEST Musicians from that era til present. I hate to see retire!