The popular dating app Lovoo surveyed British guys to find the most desirable traits of the perfect woman. Here’s a rundown of their specific tastes:


Brunette Stands 5’ 5” and weighs 128 pounds

Wears a 34C bra

Works as a nurse or a teacher

Is careful about her diet

Gets along with her mother

Is sexually adventurous

No tattoos

Uses subtle makeup

Likes skinny jeans and miniskirts

Loves Game of Thrones and Dirty Dancing


Maybe one of these?

Maybe that works for the Brits, but 5'5" is too short if you ask me. Of course, I'm 6'4". It doesn't mention anything about a sense of hmor, which I think is incredibly important. And no mention of a love of sports. Strike three.

The perfect woman for me? I married her.