Many of you know that I grew up just outside Buffalo, the birthplace of chicken wings. I have a unique (and some say borderline perverse) affection for the wing. For my last meal, among the items I'd request would be a dozen wings from Duff's in Buffalo.

(Wings shown below, with my awesome Grandma, on a family night at Duff's)

So I was pleasantly surprised that chicken wings were declared the (unofficial) comfort food of New York State, according to No brainer for Buffalonians, I figured surely something from New York City would get the nod. Take THAT Big Apple!

How about North Carolina and the other states? A selection below, with the full list HERE.

Alabama – Pecan pie

Arizona – Chimichanga

California – Fish tacos

Delaware – Scrapple (a fried mix of pork, cornmeal, and flour)

Florida – Key lime pie

Illinois – Deep-dish pizza

Kansas – Smoked sausages

Louisiana – Gumbo

Michigan – Coney dog (with all-meat chili sauce, mustard, and onions)

Mississippi – Mississippi Mud Pie

Nevada – Anything from a buffet

New Jersey – Taylor Ham sandwich

New York – Buffalo wings

North Carolina – Barbecued pork sandwich  (ahh, yes...but Eastern or Western style?)

Ohio – Pierogi (Polish dumplings)

Oklahoma – Chicken-fried steak

Pennsylvania – Cheesesteak

South Carolina – Shrimp and grits

Vermont – Ben & Jerry's ice cream

Washington – Cedar plank salmon

Wisconsin – Fried cheese curds

OK, but how about OFFICIAL state foods? Did you you that North Carolina has not one but two official berries (red and blue)? CLICK HERE FOR MORE.