New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter played in his 14th and final MLB All-Star game last night. And in yet another storybook ending, he led off the game (after receiving an extended standing ovation from fans, players, managers, and mascots) with a double, then tacked on another hit to finish the night 2-for-2.

Jeter has enjoyed so many moments in his memorable career, it's impossible to list them all. He plays the game hard and stays classy. Even fans of opposing teams respect Jeter, and that includes me. I'm an LA Dodgers fan and Yankees "hater". But there's no way to hate on The Captain.

I always thought of myself as something of an athlete, although never achieving anything worth noting in the history books. But I played every sport I could growing up, always dreaming of making it to "the show". I imagined the crowds, the bright lights, and hearing my name. I suppose most little boys do the same. But for most, it's just a dream. For Derek Jeter, it became reality...