Eric Clapton has put together a touching video tribute to JJ Cale ahead of the July 29th release of his tribute album to the late musician, Call Me the Breeze.

Clapton is hitchhiking and holding a cardboard sign with the word Escondido written on it, the California town near where Cale lived. It's the same sign Cale was holding on the cover of the 2006 album they did together, The Road to Escondido. After getting in the car, the driver asks Clapton where he 's headed. Through captioned dialogue, Clapton tells him Escondido so he can pay his respects to a friend. When asked who he's going to pay his respects to, Clapton says JJ Cale, adding that he was a "fantastic guy and a great musician... He was my hero." Interspersed with this conversation are clips of JJ, as well as some of Clapton performing the song on acoustic guitar.

JJ Cale died of a heart attack on July 26th, 2013. He was 74.