Back in September of last year, both Graham Nash and Weird Al Yankovic were doing interviews at Premiere Radio Networks in New York City. During a break they ran into each other in the hallway, where Nash asked Al when he was going to do a parody of CSN's "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes."

It turned out that Al was already working on one and had the demo on his phone, which he played for Nash. The demo turned into "Mission Statement," which is on Al's blockbuster new album, Mandatory Fun. Not only does he borrow the melody from "Judy Blue Eyes," but also "Carry On." Nash tells us, "I never knew he would get up to what he did... It's brilliant."

Al asked CSN to do the background vocals, but their schedule didn't allow for that to happen.

Anyone that has ever worked for a large company will recognize the oft-used catch phrases and appreciate the Weird Al take on it. Check it out!