There's been a noticeable decline in interest in the World Cup since team USA was eliminated. Strike that. The interest now is non-existent. Proving what I've always believed...almost nobody here likes soccer. Sure, it's very popular to play, especially with young kids. But watch it? Only if the Americans are playing, and only once every four years.

Why is soccer the world's most popular sport but mostly ignored in the States? Three things jump out at me:

1) The lack of scoring. Many games appear to be nothing more than kicking a ball around for 90 minutes, something that happens every afternoon on playgrounds 4 year-olds.

2) The flopping. We prefer our athletes to have a little more, um...balls. The injury faking just goes against everything we stand for. RUB A LITTLE DIRT ON IT!


3) The flopping.

What if soccer flopping happened in everyday life, in the office, the bar, the kitchen? This.