Yesterday, Webmistress Jessica and I went ziplining at Navitat. Wow! What took me so me so long to do this? Less than 24 hours later, and I want to go again. Like, now!

We had so much fun! Our guides, Max and Zack, were great, as was everybody else in our group. Smiles all around!

Jessica did the heavy lifting, with a camera in hand and a GoPro Camera mounted on her helmet. So, the view you see below in the video is hers. And the dude that goes flying by? Yeah...that's me. Wheeeeeeeee!

As awesome as that video was, it really doesn't do it justice. Lucky for you, we're giving away a trip for 2 to Navitat every week in August. So you can experience it yourself. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

And check out the cool photos, too!