Every December, I'm proud to play a very small part in helping raise money for the worthy cause that is Habitat For Humanity.

We do that by auctioning off a unique opportunity for someone to join Warren Haynes and myself in the studio during his annual visit. In addition to memories to last a lifetime, they also go home with an autographed guitar and 2 tickets to the usually sold-out annual concert the following night.

The amount is usually around $2,000. Nothing to sneeze at, but that figure pales in comparison to the proceeds from The Christmas Jam. And the check presented to Habitat today was record breaking...a whopping $500,000!

The largest check to date, Warren Haynes wanted to make the presentation in person. That happened today at Habitat’s new “Hudson Hills” neighborhood. The subdivision name was selected by Warren Haynes and his wife Stefani Scamardo in honor of their son, Hudson. Habitat offered the couple naming rights to recognize their long-standing commitment to Habitat. Warren said a few words at the brief ceremony...VERY few words. In a nutshell, his three final words say it all, "we did good".

Hover over the photo below and click the grey arrows to check out some photos of the big day.