The Top Five DANGEROUS Songs To Drive To!

We want to keep you safe on the roads, so we wanted to share this new information. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense. What song would you add to the list?

According to some new research by the South China University of Technology, songs with a fast tempo of 120 beats-per-minute or higher are more likely to make you drive faster and more recklessly.

Here are the five MOST dangerous songs, according to the study:

1. "American Idiot",Green Day

2. "Party in the USA",Miley Cyrus

3. "Mr. Brightside",The Killers

4. "Don't Let Me Down",The Chainsmokers

5. "Born to Run",Bruce Springsteen

The five LEAST dangerous are:

1. "Stairway to Heaven",Led Zeppelin

2. "Under the Bridge",Red Hot Chili Peppers

3. "God's Plan",Drake

4. "Africa",Toto

5. "Location",Khalid.