Lars Ulrich Agrees With Fans On Metallica's Greatest Song

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich offered no argument after the fans declared "Master of Puppets" his band's greatest song ever.

Throughout the month of June, Metallica pitted 64 of its best-known original tunes against one another in a bracket challenge. Fans voted each day on the matchups to decide which tracks advanced.

This week, Eddie Trunk asked Ulrich himself to weigh in.

"'Puppets' is definitely very, very, very close to the top choice because I guess it check a lot of boxes," the drummer replied. "Obviously, it's a longer song, it's king of a journey, and it's got the light and the dark, the heavy and the more melodic. So it's got the many different moods."

The title track from the band's groundbreaking 1986 album prevailed over "Fade To Black" in the penultimate round and then defeated "One" in the final. ("Enter Sandman" was beaten out by "One" in the semi-final on the opposite side of the bracket.)

Ulrich continued, regarding the "incredible" lyrics to "Master of Puppets," noting how the words have reached people all over the world, regardless of language.

"I've had conversation with tons of people about different meanings and so on, but when [James] Hetfield writes lyrics that can be interpreted in any way that the listener wants, that's when I think they are at the best," he added. "And so it's got those lyrics."

The next song Ulrich mentioned was "One," which he suggested has a lot in common with "Master of Puppets."

He added that the song "Bleeding Me" from 1996's Load was in a similar airspace, though it is a lesser-known track.

And not to be diminished, the title tracks from the band's last two albums, Death Magnetic and Hardwired...To Self-Destruct, were also worthy contenders. Ulrich said Metallica's recent work is extra-special because the band is infinitely more confident in the studio nowadays.

"The shelf-life of both of those records in terms of me sitting there and questioning the decisions that were made, they both come in still very, very well on my critique list, or however you phrase it," he said.

Ulrich recently confirmed that the band has been workshopping new music while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Metallica's second San Francisco Symphony-backed live album, S&M2, is due August 28.

Photo: Getty Images

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